Find your supervisor

The Dane County Board of Supervisors are responsible for making the decision about building a new jail.

MyVote Wisconsin: Address look-up
To find your elected officials, voting dates and locations, and more.

To find your supervisor and supervisory district:

  • Select your voter category at the link
  • Click “Address Search” in the left column and submit your address
  • Click “Office Holders and Voting Districts Based on the 2010 Census Redistricting”
  • Scroll down to COUNTY BOARD SUPERVISOR. This is your supervisor and district.

District PDF maps
If you prefer to find your district through a map, click on “County-Wide” or “Madison-Area” maps at this link. Zoom in to find your district.

Dane County Supervisors by district
Once you know your district, find your supervisor and their contact information at this list.

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