Write to Local Media

Whenever a news outlet reports (or doesn’t report enough) on matters related to police, prisons or the new jail, you can write a letter to the editor of a local paper in response. All the information you need is below. Be sure to always include your name, address and phone number. Papers will not publish unsigned letters. Papers will also edit your letter for style and length.

Wisconsin State Journal

To write a letter to the Wisconsin State Journal, you can click on the link below. You will then need to scroll to the bottom of that webpage to see the form where you can enter your letter. You do not need to enter your place of employment to be published. Word limit: 250 words


You can also email your letter to: wsjopine@madison.com

You can also send a letter through the mail to: WSJ Editor, P.O. Box 8056, Madison, WI 53708

Capital Times

To write a letter to the Cap Times (word limit: 250 words), go to this link and follow the same procedure above.


Or write to: Cap Times Editor, P.O. Box 8060, Madison, WI 53708


To write a letter to the Isthmus (word limit: 200 words), go to this link:


Or email: edit@isthmus.com

Or write to: The Editor, Isthmus, 101 King St., Madison WI 53703

Middleton Times-Tribune

To write a letter to the Middleton Times-Tribune (400 words or less), click on the link below:


Fitchburg Star

To write a letter to the Fitchburg Star, click on the link below:


Other Nearby and Local Papers (send your letter directly to the email listed):

Cambridge News: cambridge@hngnews.com

Capital City Hues: gramling@capitalcityhues.com

DeForest Times-Tribune: jkurtz@hngnews.com

La Comunidad News: publisher@wisclatinonews.com or editor@wisclatinonews.com

Lake Mills Leader: leadereditor@hngnews.com

Lodi Enterprise and Poynette Press: rblair@hngnews.com

Madison Times: ernestkjones@gmail.com

McFarland Thistle: talesia@hngnews.com

Milton Courier: couriereditor@hngnews.com

Sun Prairie Star: spedit@hngnews.com

Waterloo/Marshall Courier: dgraff@hngnews.com

Waunakee Tribune: tribnews@hngnews.com

Affiliated with UW-Madison?

If you are a UW-Madison student, faculty or staff, you should consider writing to your two school papers:

Letters to the editor for the Badger Herald (300-500 words): opinion@badgerherald.com.

Letters to the Daily Cardinal: editor@dailycardinal.com

For the two UW papers, in addition to the information listed above, also include email address, relevant position information and student year, status and major if applicable.

Tips for writing a good letter to the editor:

1. Have a clear focus – you can only respond to one issue or make one solid point in a short letter

  • are you setting the record straight? praising or criticizing a piece? appealing to your own expertise or experience? providing more information?

2. Avoid common pitfalls by being respectful, professional, original and short

3. Use the following structure in your letter:

  • offer a greeting: “Dear Editor”
  • state what you are responding to at the very beginning (an article or other letter, lack of coverage of something important etc.)
  • clearly state your position on the issue at hand
  • use evidence to support your position: this can be facts or statistics or it can be your own personal experience or expertise
  • end by stating what you think should be done about the issue (direct readers to more information, a website, an organization, an action etc.)
  • sign with your name, address, phone number and any other info the paper requires

4. Proofread your letter or have someone else edit it for you

Commentaries or Columns

If you want to write a little more that you would for a letter to the editor, several newspapers consider guest commentaries or columns. For our local papers, here’s some information on how to suggest a column or idea:

If you’d like to submit an idea for an opinion column (word limit: 600 words) to the Cap Times, you can contact:

Opinion editor: Judie Kleinmaier, 608-252-6444, jkleinmaier@madison.com
Opinion editor: Lynn Danielson, 608-252-6422, ldanielson@madison.com

or send an email to: tctvoice@madison.com

To submit an idea for the Isthmus, you can contact:

Features and Supplements Editor: Linda Falkenstein, 608-251-5627, lindaf@isthmus.com
News Editor, Joe Tarr, 608-251-5627, jtarr@isthmus.com

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