Official documents

This page has links to official documents and publications relating to the proposal for a new Dane County jail.

Dane County Jail and Sheriff’s Office Needs Assessment and Master Plan: Executive Summary (PDF) and Full Report (PDF)
On June 30, 2014, Mead & Hunt, in association with Pulitzer Bogard & Associates, LLC, prepared and published this needs assessment and master plan for the Dane County jail. This is the proposal that we and others are responding to through our work against a new jail.

MOSES official position statement on proposed new jail (PDF)
Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity (MOSES) is an interfaith organization that unites congregations to build a better community. They join together to take action on issues of social justice, such as over-incarceration in Wisconsin. This document is their official position statement on the jail proposal.

Dane County Sheriff’s Office annual reports page
The Sheriff’s Office publishes an annual report each year. Currently, reports from 2006 to 2012 are hosted as PDFs on the page linked above. Jail information, including facilities, diversion and electronic monitoring, programming, and statistics, is listed under “Security Services” in the reports.

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